The Naked Bunny Project

Often imitated never intimidated since 2008



About the project

The Naked Bunny Project was born in Fort Lauderdale florida in 2008. Sean Murdock a fashion photographer was burned out and bored so he went on a road trip. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere called Krum Texas he found a burned out rental Easter bunny head in a costume shop. It was the best 50 bucks he ever spent.

The head sat on a shelf and Sean went back to work and was bored as usual. One day a friend Lily got naked and ran around to amuse Sean. The photo was hilarious, sexy, and made us all feel awkward. Another model saw the image after a fashion shoot and yelled “I wanna be a bunny” It was all born in that moment.

100 models, 18 states, 4 countries, and a hundred thousand images later the series continues. If you want to be a part of it all reach out and let Sean know. Check out the images in the Gallery area and go shop at Sean’s online shop in the links above.

Be a bunny!

The Naked Bunny Project always needs new models so reach out and be  a bunny. You will get a one of a kind piece of art made from one of your images. Go to the contact page and send me a message.